Callison Nash country artist and producer of the Wildhorse Music Festival joins us and updates next weekends event. Also joining us is the hot Honey River Band. Some outstanding live music for a Sunday morning. 

This talented singer and her band join us, serenade us, and guide us through their journey of an up and coming group on the radar of country music. A must listen in. 

What a great conversation we had with the Mayor. Want to know whats going on in our community, listen in. This lady applies her energy and passion for the CM. Thank you for your service. 

What a cool guest today. David and Jennifer Sonke own BLUS, making an impact in conservation, helping to preserve our precious, finite resources. Great information and great useful daily tips to save. Thank you friends. 

We have as our guests Jim and Celeste from Mesa Water. Out sponsors, these guys have a boatload of suggestions on water conservation, water purity, and water-wise plants. Get informed and check it out. 

Thank you Mesa Water District


Brandon joins us to share his journey with his Pacific City retail shop. Vintage items, food items, cooking school, and event center. It's 24/7...Thanks Brandon. 

it was delightful having our guests Diane, Bill and Happy join us for this mornings show. A classic story of a passion turned into a successful business, these guys do it all in the field of their passion. We love these back to our roots vintage vehicles, the VW bus. A great way to get out and experience a great way to camp. Listen in and enjoy.   

A great show today. Talking trees, plants and flowers, entertaining, and food. The reason we came together in the first place. Listen in on tips, recipes and yes, the banter :)....As we get back to our roots.

Join us for this great conversation regarding the evolution of security systems that now do so much more. Travis and Amber Kaleo, regional managers in our area, and Edwin Arroyave owner and founder join us and share their story of rocket success, with family safety in mind. 

A refuge for cats and cat lovers, Gail explains the cafe and the business, in Laguna. Great way to share her passion and love for the felines.  

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