it was delightful having our guests Diane, Bill and Happy join us for this mornings show. A classic story of a passion turned into a successful business, these guys do it all in the field of their passion. We love these back to our roots vintage vehicles, the VW bus. A great way to get out and experience a great way to camp. Listen in and enjoy.   

A great show today. Talking trees, plants and flowers, entertaining, and food. The reason we came together in the first place. Listen in on tips, recipes and yes, the banter :) ....As we get back to our roots.

Join us for this great conversation regarding the evolution of security systems that now do so much more. Travis and Amber Kaleo, regional managers in our area, and Edwin Arroyave owner and founder join us and share their story of rocket success, with family safety in mind. 

A refuge for cats and cat lovers, Gail explains the cafe and the business, in Laguna. Great way to share her passion and love for the felines.  

Jack has a great meet with author and authority on the subject. He book is hot in California makes sense. Check out the podcast from KOCI 101.5. Newport Beach, Costa Mesa. 

Sarah and Julie, the chef team instructors for this award-winning culinary team joined us. What a  great visit we had with them. We were lucky enough to attend their annual year-end event last week. What a treat that was. The menu was amazing. It is great to see all of the major restaurants in the community pledging their support as well.  

We welcome the amazing story Amy Hardy and her daughter Zoey of the Hardy Project. A true spirit of giving looks like Zoey is in for extending this legacy. Sweet.! Thanks for being with us. 

The award-winning culinary team from the Orange County School of the Arts joins us as they outline their Senior project, an Argentinian open flame cooking theme, with proceeds going back into the department. Our future restaurant concepts and the personnel to support them is in good hands. Thank you chefs!

We welcome Carla Lee as we discuss a vegan alternative of a burger, and more items this energetic, passionate entrepreneur has created. Her products are in many specialty markets like "Whole Foods". Thanks to Barb Davis for introducing us to this awesome journey of her life's work.



Our show today was crazy good. Charles Phoenix, author, all around celeb shares his book, "Addicted to Americana", across the nation and here at home. For those of us that grew up around here, it is a memories bender :) . What a delightful individual he is. Enjoy!

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